Learn Spanish today with CRL Spanish books and Placement Tests

CRL Spanish books and a Free Placement Test

True Story Alert!

Have you ever felt a spark that encourages you to start learning a language, but you didn’t know where to start and lost that passion to try something new? Placement tests are your first step in the right direction! At CR Languages, there’s a reason for the level of Spanish books we offer and the use of placement tests to help get you situated where you belong. No one should have to go through the language learning journey backwards, lost, or without help and guidance.

When you think you know where you belong without taking a placement test, there’s a possibility that you’ll be starting the journey backwards. Guessing where you belong before buying a book, video course, or joining a class might only cause more trouble and have you feeling lost without help or guidance.

For more depth, here’s a true story about a student who recently joined a CRL class as the result of buying the Spanish books, using our free resources, and then taking the placement test (yes, in that order!).

The Journey: Using CRL Spanish books and Placement Tests

“A couple weeks ago, a lady called me and asked me questions about the Spanish 2 book. She had the book but did not understand an exercise. She told me she was a Spanish speaker, not a teacher, but was using CR Languages Spanish books to teach an adult. I asked her if the adult student had taken the free Spanish placement test and she said she didn’t even know it existed.

Additionally, they had bought the Spanish level 3 book on Amazon first, then they realized it was too difficult, so they bought the Spanish level 2 book. A few days later the lady and her student took the free Spanish placement test and decided to buy Spanish Intro. They went from Spanish level 3 to Spanish Level Intro after figuring out where the student belongs with our free placement test.” – Julieta

Use of Placement Tests at CRL

To recap, CR Languages uses placement tests before enrolling students in a class at their desired level. Figuring out what level you’re at will help us put you in the best class to help you learn and grow. If you want to start with books or video courses before taking any kind of class, just know that taking a placement test first is an imperative step to your learning journey. This will save you the troubles of feeling lost as well as save you lots of time and money if you have to retrace your steps and move backwards.

Understanding the use of taking a placement test before starting a language class or book is very useful to be able to start at the correct level within a language. 

Furthermore, taking a placement test with CRL will help you better understand the order of CRL Spanish books and where to start your journey. All CRL Spanish books use Spanish to teach Spanish, which is an effective learning method that works when you know where to pickup at the beginning of the language learning journey.

Spanish Books and Placement Tests at CRL

For aspiring Spanish students, CR Languages offers a FREE Spanish placement test! No pressure, but feel free to take it and test your skills to see what level you belong in. (To join a live class, you’ll need to take a one-on-one placement test with Julieta, not just the free online test).

Once you’ve completed your placement test with CRL, you will have a better understanding of what level to get started with. Finally, once you know your level, you can buy the correct book, video course, or join a class (online, private, group, or in-person classes are all available through CR Languages!).

Our Spanish book levels go from Intro to level 5. Check out all of our Spanish books!

Video courses are available for those who feel that they can’t commit to a class yet. Learning at your own pace is just as beneficial to the journey than it is to jump right into a class you don’t have time for! Check out our online courses.

Have any other questions, comments, or concerns? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


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