Discover the captivating world of Russian and uncover the rich tapestry of Russian culture, from its renowned literature, classical music, and ballet to its hearty cuisine, warm hospitality, and fascinating historical heritage. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this Slavic language, as mastering Russian empowers you to explore its influence across Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and beyond.

CR Languages offers several class options for learning Russian. Every Russian instructor at CR Languages is either a native speaker or has native fluency, and they’re always eager to share their knowledge about Russian.

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Live Online Classes

Learn from anywhere

Online classes offer a convenient format and the opportunity to connect with the best instructors around the world.

1-on-1 online Russian lessons with one of our amazing teachers. Ask all the questions, do all the talking, and of course, do all your homework.

Small cohorts of like-minded students dedicated to learning Russian. With a maximum class size of 10, these are the most popular Russian classes.

Have your own group or specific needs? Online custom Russian classes work great for businesses and organizations.

A flexible package of classes to support those studying on their own.

In-Person Classes

Join us in our institute in Downtown Boise, Idaho

Join us in a traditional classroom at our institute in downtown Boise, Idaho.