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Spanish 3 Book

This high-beginner beginner Spanish book carries students into the intermediate level, with step-by-step instructions and explanations, as well as ample exercises for practice. What makes the Spanish with Julieta series of workbooks different from other beginner Spanish textbooks is that it is entirely in Spanish. Learning Spanish in Spanish challenges students to develop the skills they need for fluency from the very beginning. Not sure which level to start with? Try this free online Spanish placement test. Follow up with our Spanish 4 book.




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Spanish 3 Audiobook

Listen to the audiobook with answers to enhance your listening skills and check your answers.

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Spanish 3 With Julieta

This high-beginner Spanish course carries students into the intermediate level. This course currently has 47 videos, 31 exercises, and 14 downloadable, bi-lingual PDFs. And more materials are being added as we work. It is currently offered at a discount. This course pairs with the Spanish 3 book in the Spanish with Julieta series.


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