Self-Paced Courses with the Specific Words and Phrases you Need

Basic Italian is required to communicate in any situation, but sometimes you need a little jargon. These self-paced courses provide just that.

Based on very specific topics, these courses provide you with downloadable PDFs of vocabulary and phrases to help make your current Italian skills more effective.

In addition to downloadable PDFs, there are also dialogues from native speakers to help practice comprehension.

available Topic-Based Italian courses:

Traveler’s Course: English – Italian

Our Italian Traveler’s course is the perfect companion for your Italian language learning journey, providing you with the practical language skills needed for travel. With authentic dialogues and comprehensive PDF guides, you’ll be well-prepared to immerse yourself in local culture and make the most of your travel experiences. Enhance your language skills and embark on your Italian-speaking adventure today!


More coming soon...

Learn the phrases and vocabulary you need with helpful dialogues from native speakers!

Add a private lesson or two to your course.

Julieta's Story

“I was so afraid of making mistakes when I first moved to the US. I felt like I should be speaking perfect English. Can you imagine the looks on my students’ faces in my first classes, when I asked them to fill out a ‘sh**t’ and not ‘sheet’?

But the fear of making mistakes is what held me back for so long. In order to learn to speak, we must be comfortable making mistakes. And in order to feel comfortable making mistakes, we need to build the right environment in the classroom.”

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