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Spanish Intro Book

This Spanish Intro book provides a step-by-step approach to learning the basics of Spanish. For complete beginners, it is entirely in Spanish with a downloadable glossary online, which challenges you to use the language right away. In addition to a downloadable glossary, students can get more support with other online resources, including submitting answers to select exercises for review, an online self-paced companion course, audio recordings, live online courses, and even private lessons with Julieta, the author. Not sure which level to start with? Try this free online Spanish placement test. Follow this book up with our Spanish 1 book.




Spanish Intro Book

Spanish Intro Audiobook

Listen to the audiobook with answers to enhance your listening skills and check your answers.

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Spanish Intro with Julieta

With a master teacher, Julieta, and a custom curriculum, students will build a solid base in the fundamentals of Spanish. This course contains videos in both basic Spanish and English, vocabulary lists, and quizzes. With 57 different lessons, students will begin to build a broad base in the grammatical structure of Spanish, basic vocabulary, pronunciation, and useful conversation structures. This online course is a fantastic introduction and an excellent supplement to our live Spanish Intro class.


What else you can get?

Submit Writing Exercises

Submit your answers from select exercises for correction.


Schedule Lessons

Schedule 1-on-1 lessons with the author to check your work, practice speaking, and go over challenging topics.


Downloadable glossary with translations of every word in each book, completely free.


Answer Key

Downloadable answers to the exercises in the book.