Learn Spanish with Julieta’s Spanish course books. Developed through more than 10 years of classroom experience with hundreds of students, these books range from absolute beginner to advanced students. Completely in Spanish, these text books will challenge you to gain the skills needed to speak Spanish fluently. 

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Spanish Intro Book

Spanish Intro

This book is for complete beginners that have never studied another language before. This ‘full immersion’ Spanish book will give you a solid foundation in the basics of Spanish!

Spanish 1 Book

Spanish 1

Spanish One is for ‘false beginners’ and builds on everything learned in Spanish Intro. If you can form basic sentences in the present tense, or have studied another romance language before, Spanish One will get you to the next level.

Spanish 2

Spanish 2 takes beginner Spanish students to the next level. It is ideal for high-beginners who have a solid grasp of the present tense and verbs like ‘gustar’. The entire book is in Spanish and includes practical grammar explanations, dialogues and texts, and exercises to practice each concept.

Spanish Intro Book

Coming soon!

Spanish 3, a pre-intermediate Spanish book is slated for publication in 2021.

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