Embark on an extraordinary linguistic journey by delving into Mandarin, a language of immense global significance. By learning Mandarin, you gain access to the thriving Chinese market and connect with diverse cultures across Asia. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage, delicious food, and captivating art of calligraphy that Mandarin-speaking communities have to offer.

CR Languages offers several class options for learning Mandarin. Every Mandarin instructor at CR Languages is either a native speaker or has native fluency, and they’re always eager to share their knowledge about Mandarin.

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Live Online Classes

Learn from anywhere

Online classes offer a convenient format and the opportunity to connect with the best instructors around the world.

1-on-1 online Mandarin lessons with one of our amazing teachers. Ask all the questions, do all the talking, and of course, do all your homework.

Small cohorts of like-minded students dedicated to learning Mandarin. With a maximum class size of 10, these are the most popular Mandarin classes.

Have your own group or specific needs? Online custom Mandarin classes work great for businesses and organizations.

A flexible package of classes to support those studying on their own.

In-Person Classes

Join us in our institute in Downtown Boise, Idaho

Join us in a traditional classroom at our institute in downtown Boise, Idaho.

Classic, 1-on-1 Mandarin lessons. Learn in our distraction free classrooms with one of our amazing teachers.

Join a small, local cohort of students for in-person group Mandarin classes. Build camaraderie and your language skills!

Have your own group or specific needs? In-person custom Mandarin classes work great for businesses and organizations.


Specific Vocabulary & Dialogues

Travelers course


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Preparing for a trip? Get access to helpful vocabulary, phrases, and recorded dialogues before you go! Includes downloadable PDFs and dialogues recorded by native speakers. 

Topic Based Courses Page

General Mandarin skills are needed to communicate in any situation, but sometimes, you need specific vocabulary and phrases. These short, self-paced courses give you the tools you need to communicate effectively in these situations.

Take a look at all of the topic-based courses, and get ready for your next challenge with the unique jargon you need!

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