We’re Moving (Again)!

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We’re very excited to announce that CR Languages will be at to a new location starting January 22nd, 2019. Our new address will be 1655 W. Fairview Ave, Ste. 117, Boise, ID 83702. This move is indeed unexpected, even for us! However this new space has some significant advantages, and we had to move quickly […]

Why Class Audits Are Ineffective

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We often have requests from students to sit-in on or ‘try out’ a class before signing up. This is something that we have never allowed and I want to take a quick moment to explain why. Firstly, our class sizes are very small and having a new person join for one class is, quite frankly, obtrusive. […]

When to Repeat a Level

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When to Repeat a Level

– Some students repeat a level if, for example, they finish level 4 and the following semester we cannot offer a level 5. They would rather retake a level to review and/or focus on topics they did not quite get rather than have no practice or exposure to the language for an entire semester. This […]

New Option for Online Language Classes

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New Option for Online Language Classes

Learning a new language takes a lot of practice. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always allow the time for that. Whether it’s a busy schedule at work, family obligations, or a crazy class schedule, not everyone can carve out the consistent availability required to attend a language class. Believe us, we know! With that in mind, CR […]

Class Profile: Crazy Spanish Intro

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Class Profile: Crazy Spanish Intro

Meet my new Intro class! This is by FAR the craziest class I have ever had! They laugh through the entire two-hour class every Thursday evening. I wish all of the other classes laughed this way because I think there is something about their laughing that works for learning a new language. First of all, […]

Letter from the Director for Afterschool Spanish Program

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Hello! We’re so glad you’re considering signing your child up for Spanish classes! Learning another language has a huge number of benefits for both adults and children, and opens a new world of opportunities both in and out of the classroom. Each class will contain a mixture of traditional and non-traditional learning activities. While the […]

CR Languages Turned 7 Years Old!

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CR Languages Turned 7 Years Old!

With every year that goes by, I’ve wanted to write a short paragraph talking about our first days, but here we are after seven years and we haven’t done it. That is because we have been so busy trying to keep up the good work, updating curriculum, meeting new teachers, and even changing locations! As […]

CR Languages Mentioned in News on KTVB

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CR Languages Mentioned in News on KTVB

Recently, Washington Trust Bank realized how valuable language training can be for their team and enrolled several of their bank staff in Spanish courses at CR Languages. Beyond the valuable skill of speaking Spanish with the growing Spanish-speaking community in the Treasure Valley, Washington Trust has also identified the soft skills of studying another language […]

We’re Moving!!!

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We are pleased to announce that we will be moving to the Boise Cultural District, in BoDo, at the end of May. As of June 1st, 2017, our new address will be 518 S. 9th St, Suite 250, which is only 6 blocks away from the Union Block Building (where we are currently located). Our […]

Washington Trust Bank staff enrolls in CR Languages Spanish classes!

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Hello all, we were recently featured in an article from Idaho Business Review. In response to the growth of the Hispanic population in the Treasure Valley, many Washington Trust Bank staff members are enrolling in our Spanish classes. They say that learning Spanish through our classes is helping them be more accommodating to their Spanish-speaking customers. Five employees […]


We're moving (again)!!! Beginning Tuesday, January 22nd, we will be at 1655 W. Fairview, Suite 117, Boise, ID 83702. Read the official announcement Dismiss