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Studying a language is always difficult, so those who dare to learn Arabic on their own, are very brave and driven!

Even though you are studying on your own, it’s highly recommended that you schedule some Arabic classes here and there to spot-check your understanding and practice what you’re learning.

While there are many advantages to studying solo, (simply for the joy of it, not having time for regularly scheduled classes, normal class times do not work, etc.), we always recommend taking a Arabic support class here and there to guide you in the right direction.

Things to Consider


Many students that study independently have many problems with pronunciation simply because they don’t hear a native speaker talk or get coaching. There’s nothing more effective than a native speaker giving you feedback on pronouncing something correctly.

Saving time:

Certain questions and points of confusion can be explained in 5 minutes when students meet with an experienced teacher from time to time, instead of trying to find the answer on the internet or in various books they might be using.

Learning something wrong:

When students study on their own, they can often make mistakes that, of course, they don’t realize they are making. What’s worse is that they internalize the mistake and then must ‘unlearn’ it. This can be difficult if they’ve have been saying something wrong for a long time.

Putting your effort to work:

There is nothing more satisfying than using what we learn with somebody that speaks the language. Making that connection in another language makes all the hard work worth it! That is the ultimate goal after all, right? This also serves the purpose of keeping you engaged and motivated.

8-week package for self-study students:​

Pack of
8 Lessons

1-on-1 Classes with Flexible Schedules

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Who are our classes for?

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Students should plan on scheduling their classes at one week in advance. While we do our best to accommodate the students schedule, all lessons are subject to availability. Students must fill out the form with topics they would like to cover at least 24-hours before their class.

If you don’t have any particular plan for studying, we recommend the Spanish with Julieta series or taking private Spanish lessons. These classes are specifically for students that are studying on their own and want to meet with an instructor occasionally to practice speaking and ask questions about a specific topic.

No. Students have the flexibility to schedule classes when it’s convenient for them, but once a class is scheduled and confirmed, it cannot be rescheduled or cancelled. 

After you’ve used all of your classes, you’re welcome to purchase another block of 8 classes.

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