Online Classes

With both pre-recorded explanations from our talented instructors and 1-on-1 classes via video chat, students that have busy schedules or can’t make our live classes have a convenient option to keep learning with us online.

Intro to Spanish with Julieta




Intro to Spanish with Julieta


This course is designed to provide students with a solid base in the fundamentals of Spanish. Featuring 21 different parts with recorded video both in Spanish and English, vocabulary lists, and interactive quizzes, students will learn Spanish grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversation structures.

Preschool Spanish Class for Kids in Boise

Preschool Spanish


This course allows parents to follow along with their kids’ progress in the course and enables them to continue Spanish language education at home.

*For parents of students currently enrolled in the Preschool Spanish Program

Private Online

Similar to our in-person classes, our online private classes offer a one-on-one learning experience with one of our experienced instructors. Classes are taught live, at a regular time over video chat so that you can easily ask questions and experience personalized learning from the comfort of your home.

For an affordable and flexible online option, try our sister company LinguaPlex. Classes are one-on-one with instructors from around the world.

Reflexive Verbs


This mini-course goes in-depth on reflexive verbs and the placement of the pronoun when there is more than one verb, as well as using the gerund.

Verbos like 'Gustar'


This mini-course covers several different verbs that use the same structure as ‘Gustar’. Julieta explains the correct usage of the indirect object pronoun, plus a verb, in either third-person singular or third person plural.

Spanish 1 with Julieta


An in-depth exploration of the fundamentals of Spanish, including all forms of the present tense with regular verbs, irregular verbs, gerunds, reflexive verbs, and verbs like ‘gustar’.