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Speak Another Language and Discover a New You.

It’s not easy, but everyone has what it takes to learn a new language, and our classes can get you there.

Businesses and Organizations

When your team needs to speak the same language, we can help. Language training not only facilitates communication, it also helps form relationships and improves the way we think and work.

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HM Clause
Delta Airlines
Washington Trust Bank


The Instructors

Hailing from all over the world, the team of instructors at CR Languages is really something unique. Each one has a native level of fluency in the target language and deep knowledge of the cultures associated with it. Coming from a broad spectrum of backgrounds like psychology, art, interpretation, and political science, every instructor possesses the skills and passion needed to create engaging classes. In addition to teaching, they also know what it takes to learn, since each instructor speaks at least two languages (some even four or five)! Knowing what it means to be a student is invaluable when it comes to helping you through the difficulties of mastering a foreign language.

Our Methodology

Learning a language is extremely difficult and takes a very long time. It requires exposure, an understanding of grammar and syntax, vocabulary, a lot of studying, and most importantly, overcoming our internal fear of making mistakes.

These things are at the heart of the methodology at CR Languages. The classes that we offer are not easy, but students learn. Read more about our methodology and learning a language on our resources page.

Why our program works?


All classes at CR Languages follow a carefully planned curriculum designed to build your skills from the ground up. The small groups of 10 students and the organization of the lessons will get you speaking from day one. Plus, regularly scheduled classes obligate you to keep learning every week.


Every instructor at CR Languages has native fluency in the language and they’ve learned other languages themselves (many have learned three or four!). We know what it’s like to be you, and we know the pathway to fluency. Plus, with average instructor tenures of 5+ years and in-house training, the instructors know how to teach a good class.


The group setting means you won’t want to let your classmates down. You’ll correct your homework at the beginning of each lesson, and regular quizzes ensure you understand important topics.


You’re not alone! You have your classmates, and support from our entire academic team. Julieta, Founder and Academic Director, has an open-door policy and is eager to help anyone who feels lost, overwhelmed, or in despair! We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we can help!
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