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Spanish 1 Book

Spanish 1 is for ‘false beginners’ and builds on everything learned in our Spanish Intro book. If you can form basic sentences in the present tense, or have studied another romance language before, Spanish One will get you to the next level. It is entirely in Spanish with a downloadable glossary online, which challenges you to use the language right away. In addition to a downloadable glossary, students can get more support with other online resources, including submitting answers to select exercises for review, an online self-paced companion course, audio recordings, live online courses, and even private lessons with Julieta, the author. Not sure which level to start with? Try this free online Spanish placement test.




Spanish 1 Book

Spanish 1 Audiobook

Listen to the audiobook with answers to enhance your listening skills and check your answers.

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Spanish 1 With Julieta

This course is the online equivalent of our in-person Spanish 1 course. It is an in-depth exploration of the fundamentals of Spanish, including all forms of the present tense with regular verbs, irregular verbs, gerunds, reflexive verbs, and verbs like ‘gustar’. It also contains comparisons like more than, less than, as much as, etc. Lessons also cover asking questions using ‘desde’ and ‘hace’. Seven videos are dedicated exclusively to Spanish pronunciation. This course contains 42 different lessons, each with interactive video explanations (in Spanish) and downloadable PDFs (in English), and exercises. Once purchased, you will have life-time access to the course, including the new material we continue to add.


What else you can get?

Submit Writing Exercises

Submit your answers from select exercises for correction.


Schedule Lessons

Schedule 1-on-1 lessons with the author to check your work, practice speaking, and go over challenging topics.


Downloadable glossary with translations of every word in each book, completely free.


Answer Key

Downloadable answers to the exercises in the book.