Online languages classes 3-23-20

What Are Online Language Classes?

We teach languages, so I am going to talk specifically about online language classes, and especially about our classes.

CR Languages has been offering language classes since 2010.First, let’s differentiate the types of online classes:

  • Videos: These are like YouTube videos where you just watch and listen. We have been working on these for quite a while now for Spanish. Most of our videos are interactive, with embedded tips and quizzes, and they come with a pdf with explanations.In our case, all of these videos are based on our curriculum so if you you decide to join a live class later on, you will be in tune with our classes.
  • Private online classes: Our private online classes are the same as our in-person classes. You have one-on-one instruction with one of our amazing teachers. This is not just a person who sits there and speaks the language with you.
Online Group Class

Our instructors are trained and experienced linguist that explain grammar, guide you through exercises, teach rules and tricks to help you learn faster, and encourage you as you go. You will also have a physical course book to work through, homework, and writing assignments. I’ll talk more about our methodology in another post.


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