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Tips for Learning a Language: Learn Something New or Review?

This is a very common dilemma for every beginner. When should you learn something new and when should you review? How do not forget what you’ve learned so far?

The truth is, you have to do both. 
If you are taking a class or lessons, it would be crazy to repeat the same lesson over and over until you memorize every detail. That would get very old, very fast! Instead, a good teacher should make you go back and review, while adding something new every time.
But it’s is also up to you to dedicate time to studying and using that time wisely.
Here are some tips for you to learn and study the right way:
1- Try to study a little bit every day instead if a long time on one day. This is especially true for beginners.  If you study for three hours straight hours in one day, it is a lot less effective than studying 20 or 30 minutes a day. Your brain works too hard for too long if you study for several hours, and you’ll forget everything if you don’t see it again for several days.
2- Make a Plan: If you can, write a little schedule. First, divide the time you’ll be dedicating to study and then divide that in two: – Half dedicated to review- Half dedicated to studying new topics
Then, subdivide those two blocks of time so you can focus on different aspects of the language: grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. 
In another blog post, I’ll explain what I think you should focus when studying grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.


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