Private and Custom Group Welcome Note


Welcome to CR Languages. Before you begin your first class, we would like to outline a few important details and try to answer some common questions.

First and foremost, we would like to remind everyone to be respectful and patient in class. Learning a new language is very difficult and everyone learns differently. Adopting the correct attitude in class is very important and with time, you will become more comfortable. It’s important to remember that in order to learn, we must all make mistakes. And learning is much more fun when we can laugh at our own mistakes. Please take a moment to review the classroom rules to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to learn and have an enjoyable experience. We also recommend reading through this Q & A session with Julieta which contains more information about what to expect in class and our methodology.

Of course, everybody has busy lives and may not be able to attend every single class. For private and custom classes, students may occasionally cancel one class per billing cycle. In order to cancel a class, we must receive notice in writing (email) at least 24 hours before the scheduled class time and during normal business hours. For example: If you have class on Thursday afternoon, shoot us an email by Wednesday afternoon; however, if you have a class on Monday morning, you need to send an email by Friday afternoon. Please send emails to [email protected] with the date of the cancelation. Cancelations that are not received in writing from the student will not be considered valid cancelations. Please remember to go over the cancelation policy on the ‘Our Policies‘ page.

When signing up for classes, students pay for the first month of classes and the last month of classes, which is credited to their account. Whenever you need to discontinue the classes, please let us know with enough notice so that we can apply the pre-payment.

We will be closed on certain holidays throughout the year. Please take a look at the holiday schedules posted in the classrooms or on our contact page for exact dates. If you have a class scheduled for a holiday, it will be skipped and class will resume on the next scheduled date.

In class, you will be using occasional handouts, photocopies, and additional materials alongside the course book. While you will be given some handouts, please know that we are unable to give extra handouts or copies of CDs due to copyright laws. Furthermore, we cannot lend extra materials out. They are for in class use only.

In a constant effort to improve the language courses offered at CR Languages, you may be asked to provide feedback during the course. You can also provide feedback at any time using the online form found here.

Of course, if you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know.

Thank you,

CR Languages


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