Classroom Rules

Below are rules and guidelines that we ask all students to respect to ensure everyone has an opportunity to participate and enjoys the class.


  • Be respectful and patient with each other. If somebody does not understand something, please be nice.
  • The class is going to concentrate on the topics covered in the corresponding level of the course. If you have a question about something that is not covered in that level, we won’t be able to go over it in class, but you can review it on your own time or send an email to [email protected] asking for information. Instructors cannot answer questions that do not pertain to the curriculum in each class simply due to a lack of time and the fact that other students might not be interested in these other topics. But this doesn’t mean you cannot ask about something that IS covered in your level! If you ask a question about something from a previous level and the instructor asks you to review it on your own, it is not for lack of interest, but rather a lack of time. If the class goes smoothly and there is time to review, we’ll do it.
  • If the instructor asks a specific person something, let that person answer. If he/she needs a few seconds, we will wait, and if he/she does not know the answer, then somebody else can answer. Remember that we all know the answer when it is not our turn!
  • Please turn off your phones or put them in silent mode. If you are waiting for an important call, please answer the phone and step out to the hallway.
  • If you do your homework and study outside of class, we will have more oral practice in class. If you don’t do your homework and don’t study, you will be lost in that session. If that happens, please be respectful of the rest of the class that did study.
  • If you don’t understand something, please ask!
  • NO food: Please, no eating in the classroom (unless it’s a granola bar or something similar).


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