New Option for Online Language Classes

Learning a new language takes a lot of practice. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always allow the time for that. Whether it’s a busy schedule at work, family obligations, or a crazy class schedule, not everyone can carve out the consistent availability required to attend a language class. Believe us, we know!

With that in mind, CR Languages is excited to offer a new option for online classes through our sister company, LinguaPlex!

LinguaPlex is an online platform that connects students with professional, native-speaking instructors all over the world! You can schedule 25-minute or 50-minute 1-on-1 lessons, or submit your writing to have it corrected by a native.

Classes on LinguaPlex are affordable, flexible, and a great learning experience!

This is an ideal solution for people that:

  • Can’t attend an in-person class because of their schedule (like nurses and doctors, flight attendants, university students, or even parents)
  • Live in an area where in-person classes are not available
  • Want to supplement in-person classes (if you miss a class or want more practice)
  • Want to correct their writing
  • Or, just want the convenience of online classes from their own home

Currently, students can learn English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and Portuguese. If there is a language that is not mentioned there, please let us know and we can find an instructor for you!

One of the huge advantages of LinguaPlex is that the instructors there are not just ‘conversation partners’. They are experienced professionals. And we can help you coordinate your curriculum with them.

You can learn more about LinguaPlex at

If you would like help getting started or would like to schedule a demo, please get in touch with us!


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