Class Profile: Crazy Spanish Intro

Meet my new Intro class! This is by FAR the craziest class I have ever had!
They laugh through the entire two-hour class every Thursday evening.
I wish all of the other classes laughed this way because I think there is something about their laughing that works for learning a new language. First of all, we are getting close to the finish line, and nobody has quit. Second, there is never any tension when it gets too difficult because they all start laughing. And most importantly, they are all learning!
However, there is one negative aspect; they make me laugh too and sometimes it’s difficult to stop! But other than that, it’s a great class!


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  1. Just read your post about the crazy intro class. It’s true, we laugh the entire class but I can’t believe how much I’ve learned. I know I have so far to go, but I can have a basic conversation in Spanish after just a few months. Julieta is an entertaining teacher, but also challenges you each week. Thanks for the experience!


  2. I am happy to have been a part of the “crazy into class.” Yes, we did laugh through the class! The mental exercise of learning a new language can be exhausting but the laughter connected our group and eased the stress of trying to put a sentence together in an unfamiliar way in front of others who were hanging on every excruciating syllable.

  3. Hello! I’m looking to take an Intro to Spanish class. Your Tuesday night class looks like it might be a good option. What is the cost? Where is the class located? Also, please share more with me about the Crazy Spanish Intro (I love to laugh, too!). When is that class, what is the cost, and where is it located? Thank you!

    1. Hello Joy, Thank you for your interest. I will send you an email with more details. Regarding the ‘Crazy Class’, it really just depends on the group of people. The class in this post just so happened to be a funny group of people, but our instructors do our best to make every class as fun as possible!