When to Repeat a Level

– Some students repeat a level if, for example, they finish level 4 and the following semester we cannot offer a level 5. They would rather retake a level to review and/or focus on topics they did not quite get rather than have no practice or exposure to the language for an entire semester.
This is an option for all students, except for a student that knows everything 100%.

– Some students want to repeat a certain level without us even suggesting I; they simply want to repeat a level to reinforce what they know. We allow this to happen, unless of course we know it is absolutely not necessary.

– Students that did not do very well in a semester. Usually these students struggle the whole semester and find it very difficult to learn a language. Sometimes the student doesn’t necessarily struggle per se, they just don’t have time to study or do the homework at all and therefore fail every exercise, quiz, and final test.

– Students taking a semester off. When a student is new to a language and decides to take a semester off (unless he/she continues to practice during the time they’re not studying), we will most likely ask the student to take a placement test again and go from there.

– Average students. When a person takes a language class, he/she will finish the class knowing between 50-60% of what was taught in that class. After a couple of levels, that 50-60 % retention means that there are a lot of things that need to be reviewed and re learned. This is totally normal, and happens to everyone!

If your goal is to really learn the language, there is no race to the finish line. Rather, focus on being able to communicate well and use what you’re learning.


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