Test your skills with this free French exercise for levels 2 and up!

Level 2 French Students: Test your French skills with this FREE exercise!

Test your French skills with this FREE exercise!

Ideal for French Students level 2 and up!

Looking to practice your French skills with a simple exercise?

Are you eager to enhance your French language skills through a straightforward yet effective exercise? This exercise invites you to make a choice between two fundamental verbs, ‘to be’ (être) and ‘to have’ (avoir), and then put them into the appropriate present tense conjugations. It’s a practical way to solidify your understanding of these essential verbs and gain confidence in using them in everyday conversations. So, pourquoi attendre? (Why wait?) Let’s get started on this linguistic journey together!

Choose between verbs ‘to be’ and ‘to have’ and then conjugate them into the correct form in present tense.

Comment how you did below or on our social media! We would love to hear how you did.

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