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Student Highlight – Delphine

Another amazing student is making progress at CR Languages! We love Delphine’s dedication and commitment to learning a new language from a very young age. When we see our students making progress like this, we want to share it with the world! It’s never too early or too late to challenge yourself and learn something new.

Delphine is 7 years old and has been taking online junior Spanish classes with CR Languages for about a year now, starting in September 2021. Her goal is to be able to communicate with other people and cultures in the future as she wants to travel the world to places like Mexico, Peru, and Spain.

An example of one of her online class sessions with her teacher, Cristina!

One of her earliest day care providers had a language-immersive environment, so the majority of her early years involved being around other languages. At the beginning of the 2021 school year Delphine asked to learn Spanish and French. After talking to Julieta, her parents decided to start with Spanish. Her mom, Katherine, describes Delphine as very thoughtful, personable, outgoing, and loves to learn. People often tell her parents that she is an old soul.

Having the motivation and desire to learn a new language, Delphine’s parents note that they could not have made her take a language class she did not want to take. This is really important when considering the challenges of learning a new language, especially for a child. Regardless, Delphine studies Spanish for about an extra hour each week outside of class.

Her mom notes that she watches cartoons, listens to music, and plays with a Spanish app on an iPad to help her practice with the language. Delphine often incorporates the language into her everyday conversation, which is awesome! She mostly uses for transactional interactions like ‘Hello’, ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’, and ‘You’re welcome’.

Helping your child through this learning experience is crucial. Some things Delphine’s mom helps her with includes:

  • Setting up the laptop to start her online session each week
  • Standing by during the class session
  • Asking how the session went afterwards. 

It’s important to show interest in your child’s learning experience and have them summarize what they learned as well. After class, Delphine will talk about her teacher, Cristina, and what she has learned that day. Her mom notes that one reason Delphine likes to continue studying Spanish is her bond with Cristina. Katherine says, “She has a great bond with Cristina – that makes a HUGE difference. She’s also so curious about the world around her and traveling someday that she’s very motivated to keep learning.”

When we asked her mom what she does, if anything, to keep Delphine engaged she said, “We don’t have to do much – she looks forward to Spanish each week!”. Like we mentioned before, it’s important to have the child be learning something they want to learn, and show interest in their studies as well!

As a mom who has a child learning a language online, Katherine says, “As a mom who works full-time outside of the home, it’s so nice to not have to plan for the extra time to drive her somewhere for class. Delphine started Kindergarten during the pandemic, and adapted well to online learning, so she’s largely unfazed by interacting with a teacher online.”

If you are interested in enrolling your child in an online language class, get in touch with us today!

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