Juniors Classes in Boise

Start children down the path to multilingualism with preschool and afterschool Spanish classes in Boise. Speaking another language is an incredibly valuable skill, but also has a profound impact on a child’s brain and their perspective of the world.

Kids Spanish Classes in Boise

How it Works

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3. Attend

Your child will become more engaged each week.

4. Speak

Watch their world expand and perspectives shift.

Instructors and Curriculum

Great instructors make all the difference for our Boise preschool and afterschool Spanish classes. Instructors at CR Languages have native levels of fluency, as well as experience in childhood education and language instruction. Our curriculum focuses on every aspect of the language, including reading and writing.

Benefits of Learning a Language

Your child is a natural learner, taking in everything around them. Starting them on a foreign language now will give them a head start on becoming multi-lingual. It will also improve the way their brain functions, making them better at problem solving, task switching, and focusing.

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Contact us for information about prices and availability.

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