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How does the Spanish Placement Test work?

First, CR Language’s Spanish Placement Test is organized according to the grammar levels of the ‘Spanish with Julieta’ series. Vocabulary in a placement test is important because if the student has a very limited vocabulary, it will be more difficult to understand certain topics, which essentially helps determine your level. When we study grammar, it’s important to fully understand the vocabulary so that we can concentrate on the grammar and not wasting time looking up words in the dictionary all the time while trying to understand the grammar explanations.

The books are developed so that students don’t feel overwhelmed by grammar topics and endless conjugations of verbs at the same level. It’s a series that takes into account what students have time to do and regulates the information so that everyone can do it. This includes those who have a lot of time to study and those who have little, this way everyone feels like they are making progress without getting lost. 

When a person takes a placement test, he/she has to understand that the placement test is related to a specific program and not just the language in general. In other words, when a person takes the placement test with CR Languages, he/she must understand that another placement test may give him/her a different result.

What’s The Truth About Spanish Placement Tests?

“So, placement tests that talk about levels in general do not tell us the truth about our level?”

They don’t necessarily lie about your level, but at CR Languages, I personally think that it is very difficult to judge everyone who speaks a language with the same or only one tool.

There are people who learn in a school environment where they mostly write and practice writing exercises with very little conversation. Then, there are people who learn by traveling and sometimes they don’t fully understand words or concepts, but they can speak much more than someone who learned by just playing with an app. 

Why is it important to start from the beginning? When a person takes a placement test, you have a guide for where to start on the right track in your language studies. While the person taking the test may score 50/100 on the first level and 70/100 on the second, we always recommend starting where you scored 50%. 

We consider language study to be like building a house. We have to start with the foundation in order to build with a solid base. Otherwise, you can build, but it is very likely that, if the foundation is not good, we will have to destroy everything we built and we will have to lay the foundation again to have a solid and strong construction. 

Can a Spanish Placement Test put me at the wrong level?

If the placement test is developed with a certain program, it is very difficult for this to happen. Sometimes this happens when we take a placement test after spending a long time without practicing or using a language, as well as making a lot of memory error mistakes than expected.

Finally, it’s good to pay attention to what a placement says about your level. For most people, it’s true that we need to refresh certain ideas after not practicing for a long time and a placement test is the perfect place to start from scratch with.

The fact is that when we stop studying for awhile (especially at a beginner level), it’s very possible that we will have to start over again because we forget what we’ve learned. Starting from scratch may seem like the long route to go, but taking a placement test to start out is a detail that will put you back on track in no time. When we stop studying before reaching an intermediate level, we simply forget everything we learned and ignoring this detail would put us at a disadvantage.

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