Support Class for Spanish Group Classes

At CR Languages, our goal is very simple: we want our students to learn. We know how difficult it can be to learn a new language. And we also know that sometimes, all you need is a few minutes to go over a topic one more time, without feeling like you’re holding back the class. As such, we have decided to add  a new service to the Standard Group Spanish classes, our most popular courses. Now, every Wednesday from  12:00-1:00, Julieta will be hosting a ‘Clase de apoyo’ and be available to answer questions and provide help with homework, etc. If a student has an urgent question or missed a class and needs to catch up, they can swing by during the designated time to have their questions answered. Please keep in mind there may be other students with other questions in the class, so it will be more like a study session rather than a private class. The class is included in the monthly fee for standard group Spanish classes, and there is no need to make an appointment, just show up with your questions!

We hope this will help all of you reach your goals, which just so happen to be ours, too: we want our students to learn!



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    1. @Ward Foster: Thanks for your interest. I’ll send you a direct email with some more info.