Jim and Julieta beginning their Monday morning Spanish class.

The most rewarding thing about the work we do here at CR Languages, is getting to know and interacting with the students, and watching them make progress in the language. It seems that each student has their own story, own motives, and own goals when it comes to learning another language.

As such, we’d like to introduce one of them today. Jim Kelly is not the average student. Under the mantra ‘It’s never too late’, Jim began studying Spanish last year at the age of 79. Naturally, he is often asked why he is just starting now. Jim cooly replies, “Because I never studied before. So I’m studying now.”

Jim is not only a great student, but he is also a great example of what it really means to study another language. Studying another language is about taking on a personal challenge, seeking enrichment, and putting yourself in an unfamiliar environment to learn and grow. After all, it’s never to late to learn.

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  1. You certainly can’t convince somebody to learn a new language. They have to really be motivated to learn it themselves. The best thing we can do, is simply be in the places where someone who wants to learn a new language would look. A motivated student is the best student.

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