Student Profile: Carol

If you want to know about tenacity, meet my student Carol.

As I’ve said a million times before, learning a language is very difficult. And if you add that to the fact that most students don’t really ‘need’ or ‘have to’ know another language, they usually quit.
But NOT Carol. She is fighting this fight.
Carol is a teacher’s dream student. She does a lot of homework, does not complaint, and then does more just in case it wasn’t enough.
It takes time for both the teacher and the student to find what the best way of learning is for each individual, but we finally found it. After telling Carol a few months ago that she WILL learn Spanish, she IS learning, and students like Carol make the teacher’s job, or any job, more enjoyable.
Thank you Carol for your hard work!
– Julieta


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  1. Hola Julieta ~

    Thanks for all the encouragement AND inspiration you have given me! You know getting more time-challenged synapses to forge new roadworks is not an easy task, so your patience, sense of humor and obvious love of teaching make a HUGE difference. Quit? No way!!

    Saludos ~