Spanish Conversation Group – Boise

We will be meeting this Friday (January 27th) at the Falcon Tavern from 5 – 6 pm for an informal Spanish conversation group. The meet up is free and the Falcon is open to all ages. Come by, introduce yourself, practice your Spanish, and meet some new people. Hope to see you there!


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  1. interested in spanish classes in downtown Boise area starting in
    ay ?
    Can you help me ?
    Shirley Levine

  2. Will be visiting Spain for the first time in Spring 2013. Would like to learn some Spanish to assist with conversing with some of the locals. What classes do you recommend to prepare for this?


    1. Hello Patricia,

      Well, it looks like you have time to your advantage. I would recommend a group class. Though many people that just plan on traveling want to learn a few basic phrases, in my opinion it is sort of moot. Learning a basic foundation is really the best way to enhance the traveling experience. Working through our level one class should give you the skills to get around using the present tense. I’ll send you an email with more information.


  3. Are you still meeting on Friday nights at the Falcon Tavern for conversational Spanish? We would like to join in.


    1. Hi Mary,

      We’ve been too busy recently to do those conversation classes outside of work hours. But, if you are interested in more structured conversation classes, get in touch with me or have a look around our webpage. There is some more information there.

      Thank you,