Classes During Covid

CR Languages is committed to providing a safe learning environment for both students and instructors.

Covid-19 Policies

Currently, vaccination and mask requirements are adjusted on a per-class basis depending on student and teacher preference. If COVID infections spike, CR Languages may require the use of masks during class, as well as proof of vaccine to attend in person. In a worst-case scenario, classes may move to an online format. We are not able to offer refunds if Covid policies affect your class.

We will continue to monitor transmission levels using the CDC data tracker and will make informed decisions that prioritize safety in our classrooms.

We encourage everyone to:

  • Stay current on their vaccinations
  • Stay home if sick
  • Stay vigilant and wash your hands
  • Be respectful of others

Class Options

Fortunately, technology has enabled several different formats for our classes. Below is an overview of each one.

In-Person: In our classrooms with your teacher and any other students in the class.

Online: These are live classes conducted through video chat using our simple program (not Zoom). It works on practically any device and does not require downloading any specific programs. Below is a short recording of an online class.

The quality of technology used for online classes has improved dramatically since Covid began, and we’re finding many students prefer the convenience of online lessons, even when in-person learning is available.

Hybrid: These classes have a portion of the students in-person, and a portion of the students attending the same session through video chat. A unique camera setup allows seamless participation for everyone.