Feature: Young Students

Education is extremely important to us. It is so important to us that we actually believe education may be the solution to many of the problems our society has.

We understand that most adults are able to see the value of education as well, but today we want to talk about the ‘kids’ who are studying with us because we are so proud of them and what they are accomplishing!

We currently have three students under the age of 18 coming to CR Languages to further their education, and we are greatly impressed by the time and effort they have dedicated to this pursuit.

We would like to recognize all of them on in order to highlight their hard work and in the hopes that it will inspire others – young and old – to continue furthering their educations.

Lily Mason is fifteen years old and currently studies German. She started her adventure with the language in the winter of 2013, strongly motivated by her heritage but also because of a fascination with German and the way that it sounds so different from other languages. Reflecting on her experience learning the language, she says, “it never ceases to amaze me how simple it can be – it may be difficult at first glance but it gets easier over time.” Lily’s current plan is to continue improving her German in the hopes of living in Northern Germany when she leaves home.

In fourth grade, David began playing around with free drag-and-drop website creators like Weebly. Now fifteen, he is interning with Roger and is continually driven by a love for computers and being creative. He especially enjoys coming up with new ways to solve problems and provide a good user experience, and says that he has been surprised by how much work and testing goes into a website. In the future, David plans to go into a web design, game design, or graphic design career.

Jacob started studying Russian as a freshman in high school with an online teacher from a program called Landry Academy. That was three years ago and he is now seventeen and learning Russian with us. Learning Russian has been an important way for Jacob to connect with his heritage, as he was adopted from Russia when he was two years old. He says, “learning Russian has been more than just learning a language” and describes it as “one of those things where you have to put a lot of work into it, but the results are worth it.” Since he began studying the language, Jacob has gone from only knowing how to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to being able to speak, read, and write (though he himself admits he still has a lot of work to do). Jacob plans to attend Washington University on a Navy ROTC scholarship, major in Political Science, and serve in the military.

We are so impressed by these three, and by all of our other students who are learning with us – keep up the good work, everyone!


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