CR Languages Turned 7 Years Old!

With every year that goes by, I’ve wanted to write a short paragraph talking about our first days, but here we are after seven years and we haven’t done it. That is because we have been so busy trying to keep up the good work, updating curriculum, meeting new teachers, and even changing locations!

As a small business, people and customers (students in our case) are not only important, they’re extremely important. Going back to the beginning, Dennis Fitzpatrick was one of those people. One of our very first students, he helped us SO MUCH! He, without being asked, would pay for 2 or 3 months in advanced just to help us. He didn’t even ask us if we needed it. He would say, “I don’t care what your policy is, I am going to pay for 3 months now”. He is still taking classes to this day.

William Deasy was also great. He would also help us by paying for classes he didn’t take, even if our cancellation policy meant he didn’t have to.

Then we have students like Steve McCandlish, who have been taking classes with us for a very long time. Student’s like Steve are dream clients; he is always in a good mood, very respectful, and always does his homework! He’s the kind of customer that is an absolute pleasure to work with.

There are many others that studied with us for a very long time, even finishing the entire Spanish program, like Sandra C., Carol M., and Beth J. Some others that have been taking private classes with us for a while like Jason and Ramona B., Edward L., Irina K., Zack G., Debbie and Michael M., Brandy P., and everyone else. It would be impossible to name all of you! Others have helped spread the word by telling their friends about us, and keep coming back themselves. Your motivation gives us motivation!

And of course, all of the instructors that make CR Languages what it is, old ones, new ones, all of them. You all make CR Languages the best place to study a language!

Thank you!


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