Are you self-studying a language?

Spanish Student

Wow, congratulations!

Studying a language is always difficult, so if you are doing it all by yourself, you must be very brave and driven! 

Although self-learning is possible, we highly recommend that you schedule a few classes here and there. Below we explain why. 


Although there are a lot of people that prefer to study on their own for numerous reasons (they like it, they don’t have time for studying regularly outside of class, the time of the class does not work, etc.), we always recommend taking a class here and there to guide you in the right direction.

Things to consider:


Many students that study on their own have a lot of problems with pronunciation simply because they don’t hear a native speaker talk.

Learning something wrong:

When students study on their own, many times they make mistakes that, of course, they don’t know they are making. So, what’s the problem? You internalize the mistake and then you must ‘unlearn’ it and this could be difficult if you have been saying something wrong for a long time.

Saving time:

When you have certain questions that can be answered in 5 minutes, you can meet with a teacher from time to time, instead of trying to find the answer from internet or the various books you might be using.

Putting your effort to work:

When you study a language and you get to use it with somebody that speaks, it is very satisfying! That is the ultimate goal after all, right? This also serves the purpose of keeping you engaged and motivated.

What´s Next

1. Request Info

Send us an email letting us know that you would like to enroll in our Self-Studying Program.

2. Answer our questions

We will send you an email with some questions for you to answer (what level you are in, what book you are using, etc).

3. Take our Placement Test

You don’t know your level? Don’t worry, you can take a placement test with us.

4. We recommend a book

If you don’t have a book, we highly recommend you follow one. After taking the test, we will be able to recommend a book.

Before buying the package, note that:

Classes are non-refundable – no exceptions

Classes are non-transferable – no exceptions

8-week package for self-studying students

  • You pay for 8 classes

  • Classes are live, online only 

  • You have 4 months from the day of purchasing to use these 8 classes.

  • Classes are 60 minutes long and for 1 student. If you want to have a class for more than 1 student, contact us.

  • Your classes might be scheduled with different teachers each time, depending on availability. However, you can express your preference.

  • You cannot schedule more than one class in the same week.

  • These classes are made for students to bring their own specific questions from topics you have been studying on your own. You will confirm each lesson by submitting the topics you would like to cover for that class.

  • When you schedule a class, we will send you a link to a form so that you can let us know what topics you would like to cover.

Ready to start learning?

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