In preparing to visit Italy, the best decision I made was to take Italian lessons from Alessandra. Her expertise as a teacher, her patience, her relevant subject instruction for my needs, and her sense of humor made the learning both results-oriented and fun. I have previously learned another language and considered some popular online programs but person to person instruction was so much faster for me and I believe, benefitted me most in my “real world” interactions in Italy.


Despite my continued self-consciousness about speaking in Spanish, she got me to speak; though her own English is impeccable, she was appropriately demanding that we not slip into English either. To be clear, she is not just someone who speaks Spanish, she has a firm command of the difficulties of Spanish in grammar, vocabulary, etc for non-native learners—she is a native Spanish teacher. In one hour with her, I felt I had learned more than in several hours I had spent with other teachers.


Here's what Tatiana, from Italy, had to say about her English course at CR Languages: "I took the Super Intensive English class. All the lessons have been really interesting, really satisfactory and carefully prepared. At CR Languages I had three special instructors. They were all very good, sensitive, serious and friendly and they made me feel at home. I had homework everyday. The lessons became more difficult every day. My instructors gave me advice, encouragement and positive comments, which were all very helpful for me. - Tatiana, Italy" Thanks Tatiana!


I had an awesome experience studying with CR Languages. Although I had no previous Spanish skills prior to enrolling in the semi-intensive course, I now feel confident communicating with Spanish speakers. The emphasis on total Spanish immersion though conversation, the small class size, as well as the instructor, Julieta’s patience and great sense of humor made the course a valuable and fun learning experience.


I am a student at CR Languages in Boise and have taken French level one and two with Matthew. I feel fortunate to be one of his students. He isn't simply going through the motions of a job. He is a passionate instructor, like a painter at the easel, teaching is his art. He is one of those special people who were born to teach. Matthew cares about his students and has pride in his curriculum. [...] The classrooms are small enough that you're not just a number in the back. I feel comfortable to ask many questions and Matthew has the patience and skills to explain things so that I understand without feeling embarrassed. I feel a sense of pride when I show up and can understand our lesson spoken in French. In each class an unknown code is broken down and I'm getting closer to deciphering its message. The reward and excitement are huge. It is my opinion education is the best money spent.

Fawn F.

Owing to her thoroughly-planned, organized lessons, I am happy to say that my Spanish communicative skills have increased by tenfold over the course of several months. Moreover, Julieta’s impressive teaching skills are equaled by her empathy, integrity, versatility, and above all, patience. Not only do I trust and admire her for her dedication and passion for teaching, I have also formed a great friendship with Julieta.


Julieta teaches Spanish as it is actually spoken, paying as much attention to usage as grammar. This approach addresses details that, while often skipped over, are crucial to fluency. She is very attentive to her students, keeping extensive notes of what’s been covered and constantly adjusting lessons to work on the topics they find most challenging. Her classes are both entertaining and extremely informative.


Julieta has been an incredible teacher. Since beginnning language classes, she has shown her intuition for understanding the student's capability and where they want to be. Starting with an intitial placement exam, then putting the student in a program suitable to their level. Her non-intimidating teaching environment is complimented with creativity using video, books, music, cultural conversation topics, and various homework assignments which she authors herself. Julieta inspires the student's learning goals and meets those goals with even more challenging effort in her lesson plans.

Andrew F.

My wife and I have been students of CR Languages for over a year and can attest to the level of professionalism and quality their service provides. We study Spanish, as we winter in Mexico, and after the first year I was able to understand questions and provide responses like never before! Julieta is very patient and persistent, which is exactly what a slow learner like myself needs. If you want a quality experience learning a language, don't hesitate to use CR Languages. You won't be dissappointed.

Steve C.

When I first started my job as medical interpreter, I studied privately with Julieta because I wanted to be able to get my skills to the level where I could excel in my new career. My lessons with Julieta were innovative, fun and challenging. After working in an area hospital for six years, during which time I became a nationally certified medical interpreter, I passed the court exam and am now a certified court interpreter for the state of Idaho. I feel extremely grateful and lucky that I began my interpreting career with Julieta as my teacher and mentor. Without her encouragement and skill as a teacher, I would not have come this far.

Carla S

I took about a month of classes with her of two to three hours every morning. Julieta managed to strike a good balance between making me talk and use what I had learnt so far and exposing me to new areas of the language. The teaching material used was good and helped to practice the theory learnt earlier. I can recommend Julieta as a competent teacher who is able to structure classes in order to meet the requirements of a particular student.


Shanshan’s way of breaking down the sounds of the Initials and finals has finely sunk into my translation which has helped me […] these past few weeks. She is a good teacher and your company benefits from her being on your staff.

Dan B.

I was a bit apprehensive as we started our first class, especially since Monsieur Fraley started the class by only speaking French. M. Fraley is a delightful instructor! Very upbeat, energetic and excited about teaching. He is incredibly patient and more than kind as he listens to his struggling students attempt to speak the language. His teaching style is engaging and challenging and the two hours of class fly by. Though we are only half way through the class, I can say, "I'm learning!". There is a perfect mix of written and spoken content and manageable homework. Without a doubt, I will sign up for French 2 through CR Languages. I am very impressed with M. Fraley and would highly recommend the class to anyone wanting to learn the language.

Dian L.

Gine is wonderful to work with. I always leave the class thinking that it was worth my time and money and that I have learned some additional German.

Heidi S.

Her fun, flexible, easygoing yet disciplined teaching style helped me learn a great deal. She worked very hard coming up with good, relevant lessons for me, the content of which I could easily utilize in my daily life. She was patient and very attentive to my needs. Taking classes with Julieta was a wonderful and fulfilling learning experience that played a big part in my ability to function in Buenos Aires.


I like that she starts off class teaching us common phrases and idioms.

Sue M

This is a video of Eduardo, an English student at CR Languages from Brazil, sharing his thoughts on the English class and his stay in Boise, Idaho, USA.


I have been working with CR Languages for the German language for some time, and it has been great! I have not had an easy time, but that is what I am there for - to get more fluent. Believe me, this project with Gine works - even with me - so I highly recommend it!


If you want to learn English, I recommend CR Languages … In a one-on-one class, I can ask a question whenever I want, and the contents are tailored to the student, which helps me learn and improve my English. If you hope to learn English, you should call CR Languages!


CR Languages was a great learning experience for me.

I started studying English a month ago and I decided to continue. I'm thoroughly enjoying my learning time.

The teacher is very qualified, professional and friendly. The lessons are very well organized and structured. There is a lot of speaking and pronunciation involved in the classes, so my English is improving in a short time period.

The location is also convenient, the school is in downtown Boise.

I would definitely recommend CR Languages to anyone who wants to learn or brush up their language skills.

Andrea M.

Having lived abroad in Spanish–speaking countries while in college, I was quite confident in my language proficiency and was not necessarily planning on taking a course, but with the rave reviews coming in, I thought I’d meet this Julieta character and see if she could help me freshen up my Spanish skills. Thankful, that I am… My first “trial-class” soon led to five months of weekly classes with Julieta, classes that brought not only grammatical refreshment and verbal fluency but much laughter and joy as well. Julieta is a highly personable individual with an encouraging and energetic spirit.


Top 10 reasons to attend language classes at CR Languages: 1) Classes are tailored to the needs of the students – even if that means very small classes 2) Classes are challenging, and offer multiple modes of learning (reading, writing and listening)[...] 6) Classes are comprehensive – many students of Spanish enrolled in other curriculums and even native speakers have been amazed by how much I’ve learned in just over a year 7) Classes are a great way to meet other people interested in learning – a language, another culture or places to travel 8) Classes are in downtown Boise which is not only convenient, but HIP 9) Classes are affordable and a GREAT investment in a skill that lasts a lifetime...

Carol M.

It is very difficult to judge the quality of a class and participate in a class as a teacher myself, but I love learning languages and I think it’s a great way for me to see the work we do in action and see if by taking Mandarin 1, one can actually learn something. Luckily I was pleasantly surprised. Shanshan was very dedicated and brought a lot of energy to the class. I took 4 months and I learned quite a bit! And I am very happy with Shanshan’s work and teaching style.

Julieta C.

先生方がとてもフレンドリーに接してくれ、また自分のレベルにあった指導をしてくれるのでとてもやりやすいです!!! そして、アメリカならではの特有の言い回しや微妙なニュアンスの違いなども分かりやすく映像などを使って教えてくれるのですごく身に付きました!!さらに、自分が英語を流暢に話せなくても先生方がしっかりと理解してくれたので英語が苦手な私でも大丈夫でした!!また、地元の美味しいレストランや楽しいモールなど、ちょっとしたその地元ならではの名所についても教えていただけるので良かったです!!ボイジーで語学留学などを考えている方はぜひ一度行ってみると良いと思います!!=D


The teachers are very friendly and teach the foreign language at my level, so we can understand easier. Also, students can learn unique phrases and get insightful different views in United States because of they use movies, pictures, etc. In addition, if we can't speak English smoothly or we can't communicate, the teachers are very patient and try to understand. They also talk about better shops, good tasty restaurants, etc, in Boise. If you want to study abroad in Boise, you should go to CR languages!!=D


I have taken several French classes, mostly in school. Lydie is the best instructor, as she explains thoroughly and easily grammar rules and usage. She is patient and has a great method.

Joanne T

Gine is responsive to students' needs while maintaining the forward momentum of the class. She puts a lot of time into responding to assignments and tests. Best of all, taking German with Gine is FUN.


She is very patient with me and we joke around making class fun and light. If there are things that I don’t understand, she always finds a way to explain it to me in Spanish so that I can understand. The classes are a mixture of conversation, grammar, and vocabulary. She is always smiling and creates such a positive vibe for class, which is another reason why I love going to class.


Julieta rocks! I love-love-love my Spanish classes at CR Languages. I have taken courses at the university, as well as other private schools both here and abroad. The level of teaching at CR is of the highest caliber. The class sizes are small, and the students who I have shared the classroom with are focused on learning.

Sue O.

I really like the CR Languages school. It is located in beautiful downtown Boise. I like study the materials. They provide grammar, listening, speaking, and a CD with exercises. The class is small-up to 6 students. My instructor was Roger. He is very intelligent and patient and really helped me with the grammar.


Taking Spanish classes with Julieta was an enriching and motivating experience. She met me at my level of Spanish and helped me advance to a higher level. Her mastery of Spanish grammar paired with her ability to clearly explain grammar rules were extraordinary. Julieta created a safe, learning environment. I always felt comfortable asking her anything I didn’t understand–especially with cultural questions. I would recommend taking Spanish classes with Julieta if you are looking for a positive and beneficial learning experience.


英会話教室に通いたいなら、CR languagesは本当にお勧めです。先生(Roger)は優しくて、英語を教えるのもとっても上手です。私はおよそ9ヶ月前程前にBoiseに来たのですが、来た当初は英語がほとんど喋れませんでした。しかし、今ではよく喋ることができます。最近では、ネイティブの方とも話をすることができますし、電話で予約をすることもできます。また、英語に対する恐怖感がなくなったので、どこにでも行きたい所に行くことができます。 クラスのスタイルも良いです。小さなクラスなので、いつでも質問したい時に質問することができます。あなたが英語を伸ばしたいと思うなら、このクラススタイルはお勧めです。CR languagesはきっと、あなたに良い学習方法を提供してくれるはずですよ!!

入江 祥子

Translation: I can really recommend CR Languages. The teacher, Roger, is very kind and he also has a great knowledge to teach English. I came to Boise about nine months ago. When I came here, I couldn't speak English very well. However, now, I can speak English very well. I'm so excited about that. Nowadays, I can talk to native speakers, I can make an appointment by phone, and I can go wherever I want to go because I'm not afraid to speak English. The class style also good because they are small classes. You can ask your question whenever you want. This class style helps you to improve your English skills. I hope you have a good experience at CR languages.