Mandarin Classes
for Kids

Online Mandarin classes offer a surprisingly effective option for kids to learn Mandarin. Since there’s no commute or fuss in getting someplace, lessons can be short and frequent, which is a very effective way for kids to learn the language. Plus, the rich media and animated instructors keep them fully engaged and interested.

What Makes Our Program Different?


All classes at CR Languages follow a carefully planned curriculum designed to build students’ skills from the ground up. The small groups of 10 students and the organization of the lessons will get students to speak from day one. Plus, regularly scheduled classes create consistency to keep learning every week.


Every instructor at CR Languages has native fluency in the language and they’ve learned other languages themselves (many have learned three or four!). We know what it’s like to be a language learner, and we know the pathway to fluency. Plus, with average instructor tenures of 5+ years and in-house training, the instructors know how to teach a good class.


At CR Languages, students don’t just learn colors, or songs, or the days of the week. Children learn to read and write the language alongside everything else they learn. This improves retention, boosts confidence, and develops a more practical skill set in the language.


You’re not alone! You have your classmates, and support from our entire academic team. Julieta, Founder and Academic Director, has an open-door policy and is eager to help anyone who feels lost, overwhelmed, or in despair! We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we can help!


Private and Custom Classes

Online classes are a fantastic option to get your little ones to speak another language. Our dynamic instructors make each lesson fun, interactive, and engaging.

We offer both private and custom classes for online Mandarin, which can be tailored to one student, or a small group, like siblings or friends.

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Live-Online Mandarin Classes For Kids

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Private and Custom Classes


To sign up for a class, please get in touch with us here. After you have done so, we will reach out with more information!

While participating in class is a great start, learning a language takes time. We recommend continuing to learn at home with movies, games, or books. For Preschool students, we offer a Learn Along Program for parents to learn with their child!

Participation is imperative to the learning process. Consider scheduling a private lesson so your student can keep up with the pace of the class. Read more about our attendance policy here.

Our talented staff work hard to create engaging class sessions that incorporate reading, writing, and speaking activities. 

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