Project: Feed a Brain

Take a moment to think about how you did your homework as a child.

Did you have a desk at home where you could study? A spot at the dining room table? On the floor in your room? Perhaps someone was there to help you when you needed it, like a parent or older sibling. Now imagine, as a child, doing your homework in the back seat of the car where your family lives; not having a pencil with an eraser, or even a sharp tip; or arriving at school with dirty clothes and an empty stomach.

The education we receive as children is the very foundation upon which we build our lives. Sadly, many children start their education with severe disadvantages, disadvantages which can have an astounding impact on their innate ability to learn. By no fault of their own, these children start in last place, and without help, are destined to slide deeper through the cracks of society, continuing a repressive cycle.
Join us in helping give these children what they need to learn: clean clothes, a warm place to sleep, school supplies, a hot meal, and support.

Donations are made for every 20 bags sold.
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