English Classes in Boise

As the lingua franca of the world, the benefits of learning English are obvious. At CR Languages, students are challenged with engaging classes in a professional atmosphere.

Boise English Classes

The most popular option, intensive English classes offer the perfect learning environment. There are no more than 10 students in each class, all with a similar level. Your group will be guided through grammar, pronunciation, comprehension, and conversation. You’ll have a course book, homework, and an optional exam at the end of the course. Classes meet in Boise for 2-3 hours everyday, Monday through Friday. Classes are offered year-round.

Private English classes provide a 1-on-1 setting for you and the instructor. With individualized attention, your instructor will work with you on English grammar, pronunciation, comprehension, and conversation. Many students start with one hour per week, but several classes per week or longer sessions are also possible.

Bring your own classmates! Custom English classes allow you and your significant other, co-workers, or friends to learn together. With a common goal, your instructor will take you through English grammar, pronunciation, comprehension, and conversation. Share the commitment, the challenge, and the discovery.

How it Works

1. Request Info

Get in touch to learn more about availability and pricing.

2. Sign up

Enroll to reserve your spot in the class, or schedule a placement test if you need it.

3. Attend

Show up, participate, do your homework, and study.

4. Speak

Use the language, know other cultures, and broaden your perspective.

Why You'll Learn with CR Languages

Since 2010, over 700 students have passed through our classrooms. The instructors at CR Languages know what it takes to learn another language, and can help you get there. Not only are they experienced teachers, they’re experienced students too, having learned three, four, even five languages themselves!

Benefits of Learning a Language

Improved focus, task switching, cognitive flexibility, memory, not to mention the personal satisfaction of learning and discovery—research shows that all of these things happen when we challenge ourselves to become multi-lingual.

The City of Trees

For students visiting Boise, there is no better place to learn English in the U.S. Consistently rated one of the safest cities in the country, as well as one of the fastest growing cities, Boise is clean, friendly, and fun! At the base of the Rocky Mountains, Boise offers tremendous outdoor activities year-round. Learn more about things to do in Boise and Idaho on VisitIdaho.org

Ready to Enroll?

Contact us for information about prices and availability, or to schedule a placement test.

Contact us for information about prices and availability, or to schedule a placement test.

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