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I have had the fortune of having Julieta as my Spanish teacher in Buenos Aires for the past 9 months. During this time, she has consistently showed herself to be an outstanding instructor who is capable of catering to my academic needs. Incorporating various activities and tools into each lesson, she has made every minute of my learning time enriching and valuable thus far.
Upon my arrival in Buenos Aires, I was in search of a Spanish teacher and a colleague of mine had recommended Julieta. Since the first day of class with her, I have always felt a sense of comfort and confidence that she could help me achieve my linguistic goals during my temporary stay in Buenos Aires. Owing to her thoroughly-planned, organized lessons, I am happy to say that my Spanish communicative skills have increased by tenfold over the course of several months. Moreover, Julieta’s impressive teaching skills are equaled by her empathy, integrity, versatility, and above all, patience. Not only do I trust and admire her for her dedication and passion for teaching, I have also formed a great friendship with Julieta. 
As an English teacher myself, I have experienced the difficulties and challenges of teaching a foreign language. I find it to be a unique profession in the education field that requires a great deal of experience and creativity, and a whole new set of methodologies and teaching techniques. Julieta is an excellent Spanish teacher who, in my opinion, has fulfilled these expectations. I am confident that … the quality of her character will certainly serve as a model for her students and colleagues alike.