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During the month of March and April 2008 I came to Buenos Aires to learn Spanish. Although I do speak French I had no prior experience with Spanish. For the first three weeks of my stay I went to a Spanish school in Recoleta. The class was limited to four students and the teacher did a good job to introduce us to the basics of Spanish. However in my view too much time was spent in covering many not so relevant details without giving enough time to exercise and become familiar with what had been learned so far. Therefore I decided to find a private teacher who could structure the lessons as per my requirements. From a number of offers I short listed Julieta. I took about a month of classes with her of two to three hours every morning. Julieta managed to strike a good balance between making me talk and use what I had learnt so far and exposing me to new areas of the language. The teaching material used was good and helped to practice the theory learnt earlier. I can recommend Julieta as a competent teacher who is able to structure classes in order to meet the requirements of a particular student.