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I would like to write about my Spanish instructor, Julieta Cordovero. I’ve been taking classes with Julieta for the last month. It’s been a great experience learning Castellano Spanish in Buenos Aires with such a knowledgeable and enthusiastic woman. I look forward to attending classes every Tuesday and Thursday because it’s just like meeting up with one of my close friends just talking and helping me practice my conversational skills. She doesn’t answer me in English most of the time, which at first was a bit difficult, but I realize now that it is for the better. Julieta helps me talk about things that are relevant in what I experience here in Buenos Aires. She is very patient with me and we joke around making class fun and light. If there are things that I don’t understand, she always finds a way to explain it to me in Spanish so that I can understand. The classes are a mixture of conversation, grammar, and vocabulary. She is always smiling and creates such a positive vibe for class, which is another reason why I love going to class.