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It was in May of 2008 that I had the opportunity to meet Julieta Cordovero. My roommate and dear friend Colleen came home from her first one-on-one class with her and couldn’t say enough good things. Having lived abroad in Spanish–speaking countries while in college, I was quite confident in my language proficiency and was not necessarily planning on taking a course, but with the rave reviews coming in, I thought I’d meet this Julieta character and see if she could help me freshen up my Spanish skills. Thankful, that I am… My first “trial-class” soon led to five months of weekly classes with Julieta, classes that brought not only grammatical refreshment and verbal fluency but much laughter and joy as well. Julieta is a highly personable individual with an encouraging and energetic spirit. I immediately felt comfortable with Julieta, questioning her about all of those grammatical rules that never quite stuck and all of the cultural inquiry that came up throughout my experience in Buenos Aires. She was always prepared, providing me with worksheets and reading assignments surrounding our weekly conversations, and pushing me to reach for more. I can honestly say that I learned more in those five months with Julieta than I did in a year of college Spanish…My Tuesdays at 4pm with Julieta were times I certainly looked forward to, and although I have moved on from Buenos Aires and Julieta isn’t just “a Tuesday away” (to unleash on her my never-ending questions,) I take comfort in knowing she is just an email away!