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My connection to Julieta Cordovero began last year when she hired me as a teacher at her English institute in Buenos Aires, and it expanded when I became her Spanish student soon after. Having had this dual relationship, and as a fellow teacher, I consider myself qualified to present the following reference on her behalf. Julieta immediately impressed me with her efficiency and quick response time. In fact, she offered to interview me the very same day I responded to her advertisement. A mistake in transcribing the address on my part prevented me from ultimately presenting myself for the interview that day. However, Julieta was patient with me at a time I was still adjusting to living abroad in a foreign culture and interviewed me at the next available opportunity. From that point, she continued to strengthen my first impression of her excellent organization and overall composure in the way she runs her institute. I appreciated her requests for frequent feedback on students and classes, her offers for additional classes when they have become available, and her timeliness with payments, which has not always been the case in other experiences I have had here in Buenos Aires. With respect to our own student-teacher relationship, I would first like to note that my classes were complimentary and were offered to me by Julieta through her own initiative. She provided these classes, on her own time, with the sole aim of bettering her teachers’ abilities and thus her institute. Though other students were originally to be present, which undoubtedly would have been more time-effective for her, she nevertheless continued with me as a private student when that was not possible. In class, her above-mentioned skills were further evident. Based on brief input from myself on material in which I was interested, she provided a complete and extensive packet for me at the very first class. Despite my continued self-consciousness about speaking in Spanish, she got me to speak; though her own English is impeccable, she was appropriately demanding that we not slip into English either. To be clear, she is not just someone who speaks Spanish, she has a firm command of the difficulties of Spanish in grammar, vocabulary, etc for non-native learners—she is a native Spanish teacher. In one hour with her, I felt I had learned more than in several hours I had spent with other teachers. She was challenging and persistent; at the same time, we had fun, and she was flexible about teaching me anything I wanted to learn.
 I therefore highly recommend Julieta Cordovero as a Spanish teacher. Not only does she clearly possess the fundamental skills to do the job well, but her enthusiastic initiative, versatility, effective organization, and balanced character make her a superior choice.