Fawn F.

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I am a student at CR Languages in Boise and have taken French level one and two with Matthew. I feel fortunate to be one of his students. He isn’t simply going through the motions of a job. He is a passionate instructor, like a painter at the easel, teaching is his art. He is one of those special people who were born to teach. Matthew cares about his students and has pride in his curriculum. The energy of the class seems to come from inside him. I think he may actually glow when we as students start to comprehend the current lesson. I will say that learning French has not come naturally for me. I am in my thirties and have been out of school for quite some time. It would be easy to feel nervous trying something new but I feel at ease in the class. The classrooms are small enough that you’re not just a number in the back. I feel comfortable to ask many questions and Matthew has the patience and skills to explain things so that I understand without feeling embarrassed. I feel a sense of pride when I show up and can understand our lesson spoken in French. In each class an unknown code is broken down and I’m getting closer to deciphering its message. The reward and excitement are huge. It is my opinion education is the best money spent. I will use my education during my travels, to practice with friends, read French literature and watch French films. It will be a life long interest that will fill me with long term substance that materialist items could not sustain.