Dian L.

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So at age 63, with my son living in France, I decided it was prudent to attempt to learn French. The only prior experience to a world language was Latin in junior high school, so I was a bit apprehensive as we started our first class, especially since Monsieur Fraley started the class by only speaking French. M. Fraley is a delightful instructor! Very upbeat, energetic and excited about teaching. He is incredibly patient and more than kind as he listens to his struggling students attempt to speak the language. His teaching style is engaging and challenging and the two hours of class fly by. Though we are only half way through the class, I can say, “I’m learning!”. There is a perfect mix of written and spoken content and manageable homework. Without a doubt, I will sign up for French 2 through CR Languages. I am very impressed with M. Fraley and would highly recommend the class to anyone wanting to learn the language.