Carol M.

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Top 10 reasons to attend language classes at CR Languages: 1) Classes are tailored to the needs of the students – even if that means very small classes 2) Classes are challenging, and offer multiple modes of learning (reading, writing and listening) 3) Classes build a strong foundation in grammar, on which a command of any language is based (even if you don’t know a participle from a dangling modifier!) 4) Classes offer valuable practice time – for speaking as well as comprehending other speakers 5) Classes are structured without being rigid – there’s always a focus area, but the conversation can go anywhere depending on the willingness of the participants 6) Classes are comprehensive – many students of Spanish enrolled in other curriculums and even native speakers have been amazed by how much I’ve learned in just over a year 7) Classes are a great way to meet other people interested in learning – a language, another culture or places to travel 8) Classes are in downtown Boise which is not only convenient, but HIP 9) Classes are affordable and a GREAT investment in a skill that lasts a lifetime 10) Classes are taught by truly professional, talented and fun-loving instructors (Julieta exemplifies this description and I suspect holds others to it!)