Andrew F.

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As a “self-taught” student of the Spanish language for three years, I was feeling somewhat confident about my quizzical skills when it came to my respectable collection of vocabulary and grammar flash cards, books, and CD’s. Unfortunately, this confidence was easily shaken while attempting to hold a normal conversation in Spanish. I had plateaued and reached a sort of “language block” that comes with a lack of practical second language practice. Like it or not, a Groupon email introduced me to CR Languages and a whole new realm to my small Spanish speaking world. My desire to learn Spanish was not to have a bank of vocabulary words in my brain. My desire to learn Spanish was to utilize the basic human trait of communication in another language. Fortunately, I have Julieta Cordovero-Rowles as my coach. As a native Spanish speaker from Argentina, Julieta has been an incredible teacher. Since beginnning language classes, she has shown her intuition for understanding the student’s capability and where they want to be. Starting with an intitial placement exam, then putting the student in a program suitable to their level. Her non-intimidating teaching environment is complimented with creativity using video, books, music, cultural conversation topics, and various homework assignments which she authors herself. Julieta inspires the student’s learning goals and meets those goals with even more challenging effort in her lesson plans. Her passion in language learning is immediately evident in her vast knowledge of the “nuts and bolts” of how a language is structured and communicating that knowledge in a way the student can easily understand. After 6 months of lessons with Julieta, my Spanish conversation skills have improved tremendously. This improvement is directly attributed to the professional language education I have recieved at CR Languages. I highly recommend CR Languages for learning a new language, and in particular Julieta for learning Spanish.