When it comes to translations, it’s vital that your message gets across. CR Languages offers a full spectrum of translation services. Whether it be a certified visa document, letter, publication, webpage, or otherwise, the results will be accurate and professional with nothing lost in translation. Combining our experience in the language industry with our dedication to quality, we can deliver a translation you can trust.

Translation or interpretation?

If you have a written document that needs to be in a different language, you need a translator. If you want to have a conversation with someone who speaks a language that you do not know or are not fluent in, you need an interpreter.

If someone wants to make sure that a translation was done correctly, they should have the document proofread. Proofreading is the process of reviewing and editing that is carried out on an already translated document to ensure that it is accurate, free of mistakes, and conveys the same information in both languages.

Translation services

If you would like us to translate a document for you, the cost of the translation will depend on the language, the number of words you need translated, and how fast you need the translation finished. To give you an accurate quote for the cost of the project, we first need to see the document. You can either bring it to our office or you can send a scanned copy to our email below. If you email the document, please be sure to let us know what language you need it translated to and the date by which you would like to have the project completed.

In certain situations, an Apostille or a certificate of translation is required with the translated document. Whether an Apostille and/or certificate should accompany the finished translation depends on the purpose of the document and where (as well as to whom) the translation will be presented. Please notify us in advance if you will need either of these with your completed translation.

To proofread a document that has already been translated, we need to see the original as well as the translation. If, in the unfortunate event that the translation was poorly or improperly done, the document being proofread might have to be completely rewritten. If this occurs, the project then becomes a translation and can no longer be billed as a proofreading project.

Interpretation services

We provide on-site interpretation but are also able to make our facilities in downtown Boise available for your use.

To accurately provide a quote for this service, we need to know what languages are going to be used in the meeting, where the meeting will take place, and when the meeting will occur (date/s as well as the time). It is also important for us to know if you need a certain type of interpreter, as some situations will require someone certified in a specific area of expertise.

Contact us

All translations and interpretations are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for details regarding your particular needs. Be sure to attach any documents you need a quote for.